Best Fes desert tours

Our Fes desert tours are highly personalized, created for discerning travellers who expect the highest level of best services in Morocco, and attention to the details from the minute you begin planning your Fes desert tour, to the day you return home. Our tours are flexible, following our travel itineraries are just suggested by our expert guides. We explore the best destinations in Morocco, and each day is tailored to your interests, schedule, level of energy and travel preferences. Our desert tours from Fes will provide you with opportunities to discover the real Morocco and its interesting outdoors and things to do outside the usual touristic route. Moreover, the Fes desert tours give you chances to live and interact mainly with locals to gain a unique experience and a unique lifestyle in Morocco.

2 Days Fes Tour to Merzouga desert

3 Days Fes Tour to Merzouga & Marrakech

4 days tour from Fes to Merzouga desert

4 Days Fes Tour to Merzouga & Marrakech

5 Days Adventure 4x4 Tour from Fes

6 Days Tour from Fes & around Morocco

7 Days Tour from Fes across Merzouga

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