Day Trips from Fes

Embark on a captivating exploration from Fes, unravelling the layers of Morocco’s rich tapestry through a series of diverse Fes day trips. Each journey unveils a distinct facet, seamlessly blending history, culture, and natural beauty.

Begin with a venture to Volubilis, where ancient Roman ruins echo tales of antiquity. The pilgrimage continues to Moulay Idriss, a holy town resonating with spiritual significance, offering a profound glimpse into Morocco’s historical roots.

Immerse yourself in the imperial grandeur of Meknes, where landmarks like Bab Mansour and the Royal Stables stand as testaments to the country’s regal past. Then, set your sights on the “Blue City” of Chefchaouen, a visual marvel nestled in the Rif Mountains, with its enchanting, blue-painted streets.

The journey takes a contrasting turn to Ifrane, often referred to as “Little Switzerland,” exuding European charm. Nearby Azrou beckons with cedar forests, providing a habitat for Barbary macaques—a natural interlude amid cultural exploration.

Explore the medieval allure of Sefrou and Bhalil, meandering through local markets and discovering unique cave dwellings. A scenic retreat into the Middle Atlas Mountains unfolds, treating travellers to picturesque landscapes and the tranquil ambience of cedar forests.

These Fes day trips form a harmonious narrative, offering a comprehensive experience of Morocco’s diverse landscapes, historical treasures, and cultural richness. Each excursion contributes a unique chapter to the story of a journey that seamlessly weaves together the past and present of this captivating North African gem. Embark on these transformative Fes day trips, and let each excursion add a distinctive layer to your Moroccan adventure.

Fes to Meknes & Volubilis Day Trip

Fes to Chefchaouen City Day Trip

Chefchaouen, situated in the Rif mountains and considered the blue pearl of Moroco and the north.

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